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How to Organize a Social Gift

The Art of Collaborative, Group Gifting

Introducing Mobsgift: 

The group-gifting platform, it simplifies the way people gift together in any environment.

Organizing a collaborative, social gift has never been an easy task. Someone, usually a sole individual has to do all the work:

- Collect the money around the office.
- Deal with “I Owe You(s)” – later on.
- Propose a potential gift (estimating the total budget).
- Purchase the selected gift.
- Arrange the delivery.

You get the point.

Naturally, many occasions such as a birthday, new baby, get well, graduation, sympathy, admin day - go without the proper gift – only because it’s really complicated to pull it off.  

Behold – the company that reinvents how coworkers gift each other. With the auto-select option, not only is the whole process of collecting money easy and automated but most shockingly – a customer does not even have to choose the gift! 

How does the auto-select work?

Well, actually, the gift selection is the most time-consuming, difficult and complex thing when it comes to social group gifting. Not impossible but it is usually very inconvenient for a group of coworkers to decide on a particular gift.

On another hand, the most valuable information about each gift is the occasion itself. The gift experts at Mobsgift are confident the end-customers will be more than satisfied with the pre-selected gifts. All gifts are in the premium category and there are only two simple choices: flower bouquets or gift baskets. The key ingredient is that all the gifts are the most suitable, best-selling units for their respective categories.

The best thing about collaborative group-gifting is that everyone can chip into a total budget for the recipient which can turn many smaller contributions into a one really great gift. Why send a cheap lousy gift that nobody wants 

How do you Mobsgift?

The visitors often ask what we mean by “Collaborative Group Gifting Service”. We have even invented a new word for it – Mobsgift - a gift that is shared and open where many people can join in the joy of giving together. In fact, people are three times more likely to contribute to a gift if it’s done together as a group.

Setting up a campaign, inviting friends is all condensed in one-single-step. There is an option to add a greetings card, and each contributor can sign off. So far the service is limited to the United States only but the company has plans for near-term expansion.

Next time you face a daunting task of organizing a social group-gift – give a try. You may be glad you did!

Mobsgift was launched in 2017 as a concept platform and a better way for people to collaborate, socialialize and better-gift each other.